Martes, Hulyo 10, 2012

Premarital Sex is Good?

                   DID YOU KNOW that premarital sex can benefit us?As I had learned from my Psychology professor,this kind of sex experience benefits us both physically and psychologically.Because sex is part of our desire,if this desire cannot be satisfied it will affect our way of living.
                  But for me premarital sex is obviously not good.As we all know,it is against the law of God and it is really forbidden.We can only say that sex is conducive if the partners who engaged this activity must blessed by the priest and to God above all.So,if you think premarital sex is good for you?Goodluck!Your soul is already burning and have a nice dwell to hell........
     What can you say????

Martes, Hulyo 3, 2012

Premarital Sex

                  I am interested about the premarital sex.As we all know that premarital sex is the sexual activities without marriage.In our new generation,most of the teenagers both male and female are capable of adapting this new type of culture.
                  Premarital sex can be acquired by the agreement of two partners and the temptation of adapting this new type of culture.According to the law of God that premarital sex is forbidden.It is not good because its a bad practice that may adopt by the new sets of teenagers.And partners must think the possible outcome of this activity.What would be the benefits of having premarital sex?